If I Were Running That Company…

I am always reluctant to criticize a company or the people behind it for the simple reason that being an entrepreneur is akin to walking the highwire without a net and nobody in that situation needs people throwing rocks at them. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of Silicon Valley and deserve respect, but having said that, there are occasions when I run across a company and wonder what the hell they are thinking and in the event they have investors behind them I wonder what the hell they were thinking before they invested and why they aren’t fixing the obvious problems after the fact.

Yesterday I was at the Techdirt Greenhouse event and saw a pitch from Renkoo, which I would describe as a group scheduling service. They called it personal relationship management but I have no idea what that means and they really did not offer any compelling explanation beyond scheduling negotiation so I’m sticking with scheduling.

After listening to the pitch the first thing I thought was that they should not think about what pain points they are solving but rather what business they are in to begin with. Scheduling is a feature set, while group forming and providing context within peoples lives is more likely the business they are in. Once you get over that hurdle it’s important to ask what market slices you are going after and why they should care about what you do… in fact, the first question any venture investor should ask of a company after the pitch is “why should I care” and every entrepreneur should be able to answer that question in 30 seconds or less.

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