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SAP and Adobe have had a long relationship, originally focused on PDF and forms processing and more recently on user interface collaboration. Project Muse is the fruit of that collaboration, it represents one of the UI options SAP customers can take advantage of. Written in Flash and Flex, even I can say that it looks pretty damn cool. Make no mistake about it, there is still a lot of work that SAP and everyone else in this industry can do to improve our user experience, but this project is clearly a huge step in the right direction. Perhaps more important is that this UI playbook and the tools will ultimately become something that our partners can take advantage of as well to build their own applications. Conversely, Muse is a UI for a backend that is entirely services-based which means that 3rd party providers will be able to draft their own services into the Muse client.

Project Muse is being built from the ground up as an open, standards-based architecture– using Flash and Flex technologies from Adobe/Macromedia. Project Muse can be easily extended to deliver applications, composites and any other service-enabled software from SAP and its partners or from other solution providers (think: ubiquitous business user interface for all your enterprise systems). The new client adds the richness of desktop software to the deployment efficiency of Internet software, delivering on SAP’s vision of simplifying the user experience and the software ownership experience.

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5 thoughts on SAP’s Project Muse – new UI

  1. I think we need to offer a range of UI options; if all we were offering was Duet or Muse I would be critical but the stuff I’m seeing in Labs around Ruby offers much to be enthusiastic about. Even the good ‘ol SAP GUI is being enhanced and will run in Firefox and Safari now, meaning extensions and greasemonkey scripts are possibilities.

    The marketplace is asking for a richer client experience than what browsers alone are offering, which is clearly the driver behind AJAX right now. Flash/Flex are just other ways of delivering this.

  2. Indeed. this is a big change from a couple of years ago when the view seemed to be everything should be in the portal.

    I think the internal challenge will be deciding what to build with which, and the tougher job of explaining this to the customers. It will need some strong solution management and link to consulting and partners.

    I like the choice, but worry somewhat about gui anarchy….

  3. yeah, that’s a real concern. On the other hand, some internal competition among various product groups could be a good thing in this area. I also tend to think that Muse is going to be a focal point for new app development while the other options (from Duet to scripting) will be used as “context” for layered applications. There are a number of older products that should just stay the same from the standpoint of continuity and ensuring that our customers aren’t being penalized with a training and support cost just to get a better looking UI.

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