LogoWorks Redesign and Discount Code

I think LogoWorks is a really neat idea, and one of the more interesting aspects of the service is the peer review that graphic designers submit their work to as part of the engagement process. Essentially, as I understand it, your “rate card” is a function not only of how LogoWorks clients rate your work but also how your peers rate it. What is innovative about this is that it subjects creative work to another set of filters beyond simply what is selected by the client, which in no small way really is the ultimate filter. I think the natural effect of this is to trigger a social signal among graphic designers who are participating in the network and are motivated not only by having their work selected as part of the client engagement but also rated positively by their peers, and of course LogoWorks captures this dimension and builds it into the fee structure. Clever.

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Utah-based Logoworks, which just relaunched a major new user interface, has an innovative and inexpensive way of creating corporate and other logos for customers.