I Like Companies That Say “We Suck”

This is something along the lines of people who like it when people say “I’m sorry”. As for me, I really don’t care what companies say, I care about what they do… just like with people, it’s not that you are sorry about something but rather what are you going to do in the future to affect a different outcome. If Yahoo! 360 has crappy feeds, well just acknowledging that still results in their users having crappy feeds. A more meaningful “conversation” to have would be around the product plan for a new feed mechanism that improves them.

Just saying you are sorry or “we suck” doesn’t get you off the hook in my book.

PS- it wasn’t Yahoo! saying “we suck” in that blog post, it was some guy in a product group… there is a difference.

Micro Persuasion: I Like Companies That Say “We Suck”:

I like companies and products that have the guts to say “we suck” or something close to it.

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