Venturing into SAP Ventures and the NetWeaver Fund

Given my history with SAP Ventures, I have and will continue to refrain from writing about the Netweaver Fund that SAP launched last week, at least as it relates to SAP Ventures. However, I do wish to point to something that Jason wrote which in my opinion does a very good job of articulating the distinctions between the two funds.

The fund was officially announced at Sapphire and, as I promised, one of my tasks was to track down the answers to my questions and dig a little deeper. Along the way, I also got the chance to get a better understanding of the current SAP Ventures initiatives and how they will compliment the new fund.

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  1. Jeff, as you know, I really enjoyed sitting down with Lisa and learning more about Ventures. Her enthusiasm for India was palpable, and she’s got great taste in picking a home town. 🙂

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