I didn’t want to post this in my earlier post about blogging at SAPPHIRE because it really deserves special attention. In addition to blogging at SAPPHIRE we are doing some pretty cool stuff with an eventspace wiki. The SAPPHIRE Wiki is hosted by Socialtext and it was through the tireless efforts of Julia French at Socialtext that it actually got built.

Niel Robertson at Newmerix originally brought up, and also helped develop what we have today, the idea of having a partner wiki for the demo area, but rather than having a bunch of wikis I thought it would be better to have just one and promote the hell out of it for the week of SAPPHIRE. As it turns out, the wiki has been a really important tool for organizing the bloggers in advance of SAPPHIRE, but I’m pretty confident that we’ll look back at the end of the week and be impressed with the activity that it generated compared to the traditional online press room that SAP also hosts.

There is a lengthy wish list of things that should be in the wiki, if I had planned better for this I would have something more substantive at this point, but like everything in social media we are pretty much learning as we go and next time we’ll do more. I’ll be curious to see how it develops over the next couple of days, much of which will pivot on getting people outside of our core group adding content.

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2 thoughts on SAPPHIRE Wiki

  1. I pre-empted this discussion Jeff – it’s a great resource – makes the event I’m currently attending look – ahem – pedestrian

  2. Dennis,
    I think the wiki has the potential to be a a real star at SAPPHIRE, I can wait to see what it becomes over the next couple of days.

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