SOA Versus Web 2.0?

Talk about timing, I wrote yesterday that SOA is dead and today on Memorandum I see a post from John Hagel from a few days ago examining the web 2.0 vs. SOA debate that is quietly raging on. As a bonus, John mentions my web 2.0 wiki in the post. This is my new “thing” because I think it’s one of the single most important debates to be having in enterprise software, SOA isn’t an application for end users and web 2.0 is a hell of a lot more than mashups.

As I indicated in my previous posting, a cultural chasm separates these two technology communities, despite the fact that they both rely heavily on the same foundational standard – XML. The evangelists for SOA tend to dismiss Web 2.0 technologies as light-weight “toys” not suitable for the “real” work of enterprises. The champions of Web 2.0 technologies, on the other hand, make fun of the “bloated” standards and architectural drawings generated by enterprise architects, skeptically asking whether SOAs will ever do real work.

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