Project Mendocino

Here’s a link courtesy of SAP blogger Eran Kampf in Israel, he points to a joint site between SAP and Microsoft focused on a new product we’ve been working on called Mendocino. There will no doubt be lot’s of news and information about this at SAPPHIRE. Under the “blogs” section there are a couple of coming soon links that look interesting.

Project Mendocino is a software solution from SAP and Microsoft that enables users to easily and quickly interact with SAP business processes and data via their familiar Microsoft Office environment.

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SAP Earnings and Additional Perspectives

In the interests of being “fair and balanced” I wanted to give you some links to posts that comment on our Q1 earnings announcement:

Vinnie writes that we are doing well against Oracle but still struggling to show traction in SME, and also comments that our maintenance business is coming under attack from third parties resulting in discounting.

Jason comments that revenue growth has slowed and also wonders about the shift away from market share announcements.

EarningsCast has the earnings call podcast.

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What is an enterprise wiki?

A real test of whether or not traditional knowledge management applications can embed wikis will be when Sharepoint debuts their native wikis in their release next year. I’m pretty skeptical that they will pull this off because systems like Sharepoint are largely built around architectural principles very different from wikis, like a single author versus everyone is an author (in KM they would have editors as opposed to authors, maybe in this is semantic, I don’t know).

StartupSpot: What is an enterprise wiki?:

This is also why I’m very skeptical of the idea that traditional content management and portal vendors will “add wiki functionality” to their applications. That idea doesn’t work because a system cannot be optimized for two different goals.

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Comment spam attack

I’m in the midst of a full fledged comment spam attack, over 500 spam comments have been caught by Akismet overnight. Almost all of them are coming from IP addresses 64.62.228.x.

You would think that the spammers would not bother after it becomes apparent that none of their spam is making it through my filter (but that also assumes that they are analyzing their effectiveness).

Gas Price Watch

I’m very fortunate that I don’t drive many miles per year, I think my truck just turned 12k miles and it’s a little over a year old, however, like anyone I’m not very pleased about paying $60 to fill it up (shit, I paid $20 to fill up my motorcycle in Death Valley on Friday, but when you are staring down 100 miles of nothing but desert you really don’t complain that much). GasPriceWatch is an interesting service because it can identify the lowest price gasoline based on your address or zip code. They even have a Dashboard Widget, but the mobile service is still in development and that is arguably the piece that is really needed.

These services, and there are others, all rely on community involvement, anyone can register as a spotter and send in updates.