Persistent Search: Search’s Next Big Battleground

Back in 2004 I wrote a post about a service that allowed you to track Ebay auctions via RSS. The notion of watching keywords or triggers with a mechanism like RSS is so logical that it stuns me to see how little of this has been adopted by companies in my segment of the technology business.   

I noticed that Niall Kennedy is going to Microsoft to build feed syndication into Live. When I consider what Microsoft is doing with their small business applications and the potential for leveraging, well it makes me think that maybe they do get it better than most and can make this happen

Burnham's Beat: Persistent Search: Search’s Next Big Battleground Simply put, Persistent Search allows users to enter a search query just once and then receive constant, near real-time, automatic updates whenever new content that meets their search criteria is published on the web.

2 thoughts on Persistent Search: Search’s Next Big Battleground

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  2. Jeff,
    Persistance Vs prospective search debate is beginning to heat up. A few companies such as PubSub are innovating in that space. However I see lack of innovation in the space of relevance of search. There are plenty of technologies that help rank the results based on popularity in generic categories. However relevance should be a measure of both relevance of the content and the relevance of the author to the individual consumer. Once relevance is established filtering mechanism based on reputation of the author and content can be used to devise ranking systems personalized to a users need. Further more in the fragmented space of multiple devices that enable access to information of multiple channels, information needs to be customized to meet the UI limitations of devices.

    As I mentioned during our brief conversation at the TIE Web 2.0 for the enterprise event ( Indian guy with long hair ), at ConnectedMix we are building upon the innovations of the likes of PubSub, Myspace, 4Info and developing reputation enabled community aided vertical search approach to tackle this issue. Interest based communities narrow down the relevance of the content created by like minded people. Open reputation for content and author creates filtering mechanism. Personalized access to data customized for your medium of choice help address the UI challenges. I would love to connect with you and get your feed back.

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