Mitt Romney delivers universal healthcare

Romney talks a pretty good game and it appears that on the issue of universal healthcare he has actually delivered a real solution to a problem that is only going to get bigger. 

With private insurance finally affordable, I proposed that everyone must either purchase a product of their choice or demonstrate that they can pay for their own health care. It's a personal responsibility principle.

BA Ventures Breakfast with Scoble and Israel

I went to a breakfast talk over at the Quadrus Center this morning that featured Robert and Shel talking about their book to a bunch of startup executives and venture capitalists. Bank of America Ventures hosted the breakfast and I was invited by Carol Sachs at Tenor Communications, who has always been very generous in her compliments to my little blog. 

It was interesting to hear the Q&A and realize "holy crap, we're still asking the same questions about company and employee blogs, it's all about mitigating risk." Can anyone point to an example of a company being sued by a customer about a blog post, sensitive IP being leaked by an employee, or some other nefarious consequence because of a company supporting blogging as a corporate activity or encouraging blogging by employees? I can't and I've looked. Get over it ferchristsakes.

Secondly, one of the BA Ventures partners said "I started blogging and gave it up, I wasn't getting anything out of it" (I'm paraphrasing a little, but not much). My quiet thought to myself was that if you are blogging to get something out of it and that's what you are looking for, an ROI, then you might as well give it up because not only is that kind of shallow but it misses the point of blogs in the first place. It's not that you should take an oath of poverty and chastity before you can blog, but at it's core blogging is about expression and if that expression is masked by some overt desire for reward then it probably isn't going to be realized unless you are really really good at self promotion. Blog because you have something to say, not because you want something, it's really that simple. 

Lastly, I don't think the executives in this room realized the powerful shift that is underway in marketing and communications. We have gone full throttle into a world where people other than you define your brand and what your message is, and word of mouth networks have achieved a level of efficiency whereby a true level playing field exists for startups and gorillas alike. No longer does a company have to have expensive PR firms in their back pocket in order to control message, get exposure, and generate interest. 

PS- I put my new camera (actually I bought it used) to work today, I'm stoked. (I had to send my MacBook Pro in for service so I couldn't edit the photo other than resize it… not bad for right out of the camera!)


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Persistent Search: Search’s Next Big Battleground

Back in 2004 I wrote a post about a service that allowed you to track Ebay auctions via RSS. The notion of watching keywords or triggers with a mechanism like RSS is so logical that it stuns me to see how little of this has been adopted by companies in my segment of the technology business.   

I noticed that Niall Kennedy is going to Microsoft to build feed syndication into Live. When I consider what Microsoft is doing with their small business applications and the potential for leveraging, well it makes me think that maybe they do get it better than most and can make this happen

Burnham's Beat: Persistent Search: Search’s Next Big Battleground Simply put, Persistent Search allows users to enter a search query just once and then receive constant, near real-time, automatic updates whenever new content that meets their search criteria is published on the web.

Jeff Nolan’s (internal) Blog

I just setup a new blog behind SAP's firewall, the reason being that I have stuff I can't distribute externally, or is just confidential (really, not the imagined kind of confidentiality that is attached to so much crap). 

Here's the link, if you are an SAP employee please bookmark my link and/or feed (won't work with online feed services). The first post has a copy of the book "Getting Real" by 37 Signals available for download. 

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Wireless Group Shifts Municipal Broadband Stance

Maybe their members just realized, better late than never I suppose, that you don't necessarily have to charge end users for something in order to make money on it. 

Wireless Group Shifts Municipal Broadband Stance The wireless industry association CTIA is not opposed to competition from city-sponsored, unlicensed wireless ventures, top officials of the group said. The CTIA position illustrates a shift in the unpredictable alliances in the field of municipal broadband.

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Bloggers corner at Sapphire

Vinnie comments on our plans to have a bloggers corner at SAPPHIRE. I'll provide more detail on this in the weeks to come, but needless to say I am really pleased that we are moving forward on this. I pushed hard for this and fundamentally believe that it will bring an entirely new dimension to the single largest event we host.

deal architect : Bloggers corner at Sapphire SAP has invited several bloggers to its US Sapphire event in May. It is a sign of the changing influence game – and SAP is clearly blazing a trail when it comes to blogging and social networking.

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