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I've been on the Cnet "Top 100" blogs for a while but they have me linked to my old Typepad blog. The problem is that I don't know how to correct the link or even where to send a note to ask them to fix the link. They do have comments in a "talkback" section but in order to post a comment you have to go through a registration process, which I just refuse to do anymore. 

If anyone from Cnet is reading this, can you send a note to whoever is responsible for this and ask them to fix the link to my blog…  and while you are at it, tell them to drop the annoying registration requirement.


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How to Stop the Dreaded FireFox Memory Leak

 Kind of makes you wonder why the Firefox team couldn't make this a default setting…

How to Stop the Dreaded FireFox Memory Leak @ Alice Hill’s Real Tech News – Independent Tech This is called the dreaded FireFox memory leak and a smart guy name Ryan figured out a work-around.

NASA to Crash Space Probe Into Moon

Blowing shit up is cool, and if you are NASA… well you just have more options than regular folk. 

NASA to Crash Space Probe Into Moon – Yahoo! News NASA plans to crash a space probe into the moon in 2009 — a collision so violent it will be visible on Earth through a telescope, the space agency said Monday.

“I’m fed up with the state of RSS readers”

Me too, but I do take comfort with the knowledge that there is an increasing number of people suggesting that there simply has to be a better way to deal with large numbers of RSS feeds (let’s say anything over 200). The best RSS clients today are simply adequate, they really are not delivering on the higher value promise of enabling me to actually find the things that I don’t know I want and then consume them with as little effort as possible. This may be an unrealistic expectation but it’s one worth pursuing.

“I’m fed up with the state of RSS readers” from The Intuitive Life Business Blog:

With all the hype about Web 2.0 companies and all the mashups and such, are we yet again as an industry forgetting to just pay attention to the basics of usability and functionality?

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This is embarrassing

So let me get this straight… this guy is a computer science professor and a network engineer with the FAA yet he is unaware that MIMO (802.11n) is backward compatible to 802.11a/b/g (11a is an option in the spec even though it’s on an entirely different chunk of spectrum), among other mistakes in this article he is quoted in on the Boston Globe. Some simple fact checking by the reporter would have been a good step as well.

BTW, I use 802.11n for my home network and I certainly haven’t “knocked out” any of my neighbors’ wireless networks.

Less is more: Create a network with no wires – The Boston Globe:

Another caution: avoid MIMO routers. These Multi Input, Multi Output gadgets achieve excellent signal quality and range by hogging the wireless spectrum up to 219 yards away. If you live in the city or suburbs, your MIMO router will knock out your wireless-enabled neighbors’ connections.

And if your neighbors also have MIMO, you’ll all lose your connections. MIMO also won’t work with those free Wi-Fi hotspots that are popping up in increasing numbers of cafes and libraries.

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MySQL, Oracle Sign Multiyear Deal on InnoDB

This is good news.

MySQL, Oracle Sign Multiyear Deal on InnoDB :: :: Open Source, Linux News & Software:

MySQL AB has signed a multiyear agreement with Oracle Corp. to renew its licensing of the InnoDB database storage engine, according to a MySQL executive. The move resolves confusion in the market about the likely effect on MySQL of Oracle’s purchase last year of Innobase OY, the maker of InnoDB. Prior to Oracle’s acquisition, open-source database player MySQL had an agreement in to bundle InnoDB with MySQL.

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Red Hat to Acquire JBoss

A while back I wrote a quick post saying that Oracle acquired JBoss for $485 million. In the interests of grading myself and my sources, this one was wrong. It was announced today that Red Hat is acquiring JBoss for $350 million in cash and stock, and a $70 million earn out on top of that making the total deal worth $420 million.

Regarding the breakup of the deal with Oracle, the intel that we gathered on it suggested that Fluery insisted on an expansive role within Oracle after the proposed acquisition was completed and Ellison balked at this, which is no surprise. There has also been some talk that Oracle is getting price sensitive and may have come back with a lowered offer (something Demandtec has recently experienced as well). At any rate, I’m pleased that JBoss is going to end up with a true open source company, and also because SAP has a position in RHAT that we gained following the acquisition of Sistina.

In my original post on this I said that I gave the rumor an 85% probability, which in retrospect was obviously too high.

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Software Alphabet Soup – New Blog

My quest to establish more bloggers at SAP has claimed yet another victim as Kosin Huang started a new blog called Software Alphabet Soup. Kosin is a reformed analyst from Yankee Group who now works for me; her knowledge of enterprise software and the vendor strategies is impressive, and in particular her intimacy with MDM and Oracle’s Data Hubs is enough to give Andy Hayler a run for his money.

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AJAX: Is your application secure enough?

One question that doesn’t get asked enough is whether or not AJAX is secure enough for the mass market. I was thinking about this in the context of the various office productivity apps that are popping up as hosted services on AJAX frameworks. While I would be getting in well over my head in considering the security implications of AJAX, I am hoping that others will wade in, as is the case below.

AJAX: Is your application secure enough? »:

Some web-enabled applications, such as for email, do have pretty destructive functionality that could possibly be abused. The question is — will the average AJAX-enabled web-application be able to tell the difference between a real and a faked XmlHttpRequest?

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France to replace youth job law

What a shame…

BBC NEWS | Europe | France to replace youth job law:

French President Jacques Chirac has announced that the new youth employment law that sparked weeks of sometimes violent protests will be scrapped.