Roman Bukary on BI and composite frameworks

When I was with Ventures my goto guy on analytics was always Roman, that guy knows a lot about this space. His point, to paraphrase it, is that it doesn’t matter what information you have, it’s how you use it that makes the difference. This was always my biggest bitch about analytics apps, they always stopped short of allowing the user to turn the knobs and dials in the transaction system to effect some kind of change as a result of the dashboard the BI app provided.

There is nothing radically insightful about what I wrote above, however it is humbling to see (from the inside) how damn difficult it is to do this on a broad scale. Whether or not the NetWeaver composite apps will be market moving is another argument, but they do get credit for starting down this path 3 years ago. They probably will be successful because if there is one thing that SAP knows better than any other software vendor it is vertical applications

Enterprise Systems |:

“In a world of composite applications, the difference between your business and mine is in fact the difference of how effectively we leverage the insights available to us, and how effectively my people … [are] enabled to do the right thing in their jobs,”

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An Army Of Davids Helps Microsoft

I just read An Army of Davids and I recently bought 40 copies of Naked Conversations to distribute to our executives. These are powerful concepts, the two books should be sold as a boxed set in my opinion, and companies are just beginning to understand the implications, it is deliciously ironic that Microsoft would embrace The Cluetrain Manifesto so far ahead of companies that claim to have.

CRN | Microsoft, Open Source| An Army Of Davids Helps Microsoft:

Now, Ozzie shows us how Microsoft has turned to the public – engineers, developers, anyone else who is interested – to help them do in weeks what could have easily taken months or years otherwise. Microsoft has established a public discussion group (not too unlike the Linux developers’ group on Usenet) to help it move forward on Live Clipboard.

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SAP not playing the merger game / German company takes on Oracle by hiring and creating

Short interview with Kagermann in the Comical Chronicle. What is really staggering about the interview is that it focuses on SAP's strategy of growing organically (organic = good, who doesn't love "organic" if anything for the marketing imagery of the word itself?), and the reporter doesn't even ask the question "hey you say you aren't growing by acquisitions but you just announced the acquisition of Virsa, what's up with that?". This is why people are reading blogs more and newspapers less.

PS- Shai has a great response to the question I posed above. In asserting that SAP is acquiring edge vs. core, he says, “It’s hard to buy half a heart.”

UPDATE: Dan Farber posted a much more detailed version of the conversation between Kagermann, Apotheker, and Agassi.  


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Sarbanes Oxley’s collateral damage: US public markets ?

Vinnie and I have a bet, he says that Congress will adopt SarbOx reform by year end and I say that there is no chance of that happening in an election year, irrespective of how badly this law needs reforming. What is interesting to consider is how the markets, like networks, route around failure and obstruction. In this case we see the London Stock Exchange booming and going into play as both the NYSE and NASDAQ recognize that technology IPO’s currently face too high of a hurdle on their exchanges.

While I no doubt will enjoy the bottle of wine that Vinnie will owe me come Jan 1 2007, I would much prefer to lose this bet if it meant we could get this bad law fixed.

Jeff Clavier’s Software Only: Sarbanes Oxley’s collateral damage: US public markets ?:
Discussing it with a VC friend, we sort of joked about the efficiency of the Sarbanes Oxley regulation that is essentially scaring away from the public markets a generation of companies – hence reducing in a round about way the potential for fraud and abuse from these new companies.

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