YouTube Raises $8 Million from Sequoia Capital

I love YouTube, and I'm finding myself using it with increasing frequency and considering how I could use it professionally. The video that I linked to last week was really cool, but aside from that the group that produced it actually put a response mechanism at the end of the video, in other words they just didn't do it for laughs. I was thinking of also doing some fun stuff, like having our ad agency do a spoof based on Niel's most excellent "I pity the fool" post and distribute it via YouTube and Guba

YouTube Raises $8 Million from Sequoia Capital: YouTube, the video sharing service, raised $8 million, bringing the total amount it has raised so far to $11.5 million. The backer is Sequoia Capital, the VC that originally financed the startup in November.

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Hey Miki! | Socialtext Enterprise Wiki

Ross showed me his Mobile Wiki client on Nokia cellphone yesterday, very cool. One of my guys has been testing the blackberry version for a while and reports that it works well and offers snappy performance, something I find a lot of mobile clients can’t claim. This is a really important addition for us simply because so many of our people are on blackberries more than their laptops, so giving them access to our wikis in this fashion is big plus for Socialtext.

Hey Miki! | Socialtext Enterprise Wiki:

Today we launched Miki — a wiki platform optimized for mobile devices. As wikis are becoming an essential communications tool for enterprises, so to is being able to access and edit anywhere. Another first from Socialtext, this is an achievement in simplicity.

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Software 2006 – Good Samaritans Honored

I wasn’t able to attend the dinner event last night as I had a board meeting for KIPP Bayview Academy (and the board joined all of the teachers for dinner at LuLu’s in SF which was a really cool evening), but I would have attended if anything just for the opportunity to learn more about the organizations that M.R. exposed and honored for their good works. Read Vinnie’s post for the details. BTW, BUILD is a fantastic organization that SAP is supporting as well

deal architect : Technology Innovation and Good Samaritans:

One of the nice things about MR’s conferences is he honors several charities. At the dinner at Software 2006, he honored 7 organizations (1 commercial but involved in a worthwhile cause).

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