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Matt just put up a great article on Prosper, I know I just wrote about this company last week but I can’t stop thinking about it. Larsen really is on to something here by filling a gap left wide open by banks… the place you used to go for small loans before everyone start draining the equity out of their homes. I’d be tempted to call this a wisdom of crowds thing as well, but I don’t think it’s that simple… maybe this is rooted in the notion that the vast majority of people are basically honest and trustworthy and the risk that any lender is exposed to is a lot smaller than one would initially think. | 04/03/2006 | Online venture connects borrowers, lenders:

Then Watson heard about Prosper, a new online venture based in San Francisco that uses some old Vietnamese lending concepts to connect ordinary people who have extra money with borrowers who need it. Borrowers get cheaper loans if they belong to a group of other debtors who pay their bills on time. The group essentially puts its reputation on the line, vouching for the trustworthiness of its members. If one member pays late, the whole group suffers.

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Call for help – web 2.0 enterprise wiki

My Web 2.0 in the Enterprise Wiki project is showing some nice growth, but I’m still light on individual company content and I’m really keen to build this out. I add company details on a regular basis and add new companies when I find them, but I could really use your help. Please take a look a edit just one company. As you know, I don’t run any advertising on this blog so it’s not like I’m trying to take advantage of you to earn a few bucks, I am simply trying to capture as much knowledge as I can about these companies (BTW, a bunch of inside SAP people are using this to help them understand these companies).

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Download, Burn, Almost Play (That) DVD

WTF is up with this? Leave it to Hollywood to screw up the one thing that was working pretty well for them… DVD’s.

GigaOM : » Download, Burn, Almost Play (That) DVD:

Major studios are now offering movies on these services for downloading and burning on a DVD – which is good move only if you ignore the fine print. The movies you download can be burnt on a DVD but will play back only on your PC, but not on your DVD players. What! Crazy!

Swapzies – online file sharing

Jack Thorogood sent me this last month and I just haven’t had time to really play with it. Swapzies (need a better name) is a site that serves as a single point of storage for online media, and as a byproduct enables sharing and the notion of channels as represented by what other people have. I’ve seen a couple of these online storage deals recently, being one in particular. has a better pricing model than Swapzies, but that’s pretty easy to fix if it becomes a problem for them.

I like the notion of having online storage, but I’m still reluctant to use that as my primary storage for the simple reason that I might not be able to get to it. One feature I’d really like to see on these services is a “backup to local” or simple synchronization feature. Just like storage is cheap for them, it’s cheap for me too and having a local copy of what I am doing online would be desirable (and an interesting reversal of what you typically think of with backup).

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ajaxSketch and Gliffy gun for Visio

Kind of interesting how we are seeing clusters of these innovations happen in parallel. In addition to ajaxSketch (personally, I’d just wish that Robertson would do one app well rather than a bunch of crappy apps), there is Gliffy. I have been using the beta version of Gliffy and find it pretty easy to navigate, a little light on symbols (an org chart stencil would be useful, as would an IT stencil… or better yet, allow 3rd party stencils to develop in the community), but largely functional for real work. Interestingly, it’s written in Flash and from what I am seeing there seems to be a real dogfight brewing between Flash/Flex and Ajax

Zoli’s Blog :: ajaxSketch Launched:

ajaxSketch, a Web-base tool for diagramming, flow charts, free hand drawing was launched today.

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