First IT|Redux Breakfast : The World is Flat

Ismael Ghalimi is hosting a breakfast meeting on April 18 at the Hotel Sofitel. I’m going, the topic is interesting, Ismael has a lot of experience in the area, and quite honestly, very few people are publicly talking about how to actually implement “populist catch phrase business strategy” for this important area. People like to say the world is flat, but beyond the title of the book there isn’t much else said.

The theme for this meeting is The World is Flat, based on Thomas L. Friedman’s excellent book. We will discuss how Friedman’s ten flatteners can be put to use by software vendors today, using Intalio and a couple other start-ups as reference cases. This event is sponsored by Lohika — our offshore development partner — and will feature their CTO, Mark Phillips, who will share his experience working with small and large software companies that successfully offshored part of their software engineering process to Western Ukraine.

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1 thought on First IT|Redux Breakfast : The World is Flat

  1. I am a Tom Friedman fan, when he is writing about the Middle East. That is his strength. He knows the turf as well as anyone. With “The World Is Flat,” however, he is out of his depth. I see no new ideas; just clever packaging for a business audience. I met with him over a year ago in L.A. before the book was released. He already had his platform patter and proceeded to impress me and other tech types in attendance with the shallowness of his knowledge of tech, economics, and business behavior. I believe the only way he crafted a coherent thesis out of lots of CEO interviews was to throw out things that did not fit his pattern. Hence, counterexamples abound.

    That screed, I look forward to hearing about the breakfast. Any openings at the table?

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