Lot's of blog postings about AjaxWrite today. I tried the service:

1) It ain't a word processor, it's a text editor. Which is all well and good if you want to do simple editing, but comparing it to Word and Writely does a disservice to all of the products. On one hand it sets up ajaxwrite to be a big disappointment, while on the other hand it diminishes the significant feature sets that the other products feature.

Critics of MS Word like to say "yeah but I never use all of the features in Word" and that's a fair point, but the reason it's not called "Jeff's Word Processor" is that there are people who do use the features that I don't. I never used table of contents, but my assistant did and without it she would have faced a big challenge. Over time even Microsoft will evolve to a services based application architecture where I get to pick and choose what features I need, but nobody really has that today to the level of sophistication that these applications represent.


2) Secondly, ajaxwrite didn't work very well for me. The server was largely unavailable and loading the app caused my browser to reset several times. Can you imagine using this service for critical documents and facing that kind of reliability challenge? No.

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4 thoughts on AjaxWrite

  1. Jeff,

    Spot on…couldn’t get onto the app for ages, when I finally did I came away very unimpressed. You have to love it when Robertson hypes the thing as a Microsoft Word killer and then in the first page of documentation for ajaxWrite, they mention that they’re still working on SPELL CHECK. Laugh my ass off…


  2. Nicely put Jeff. You echo my own thoughts/comments. Michael is the king of “stick in your eye” marketing, which gets him attention, but has little (or no) correlation with product interest.

  3. FF on the mac sucks, it’s unstable and a memory hog. I’m trying to commit myself to using Camino, but have to admit the bookmark function and extensions on FF make it tough to switch.

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