IDC’s 10 SaaS predictions

You might consider saving the $3,500 it costs to buy the report, BTL is running the list here. But with predictions like this let’s just say I think they owe the people who actually paid for this report at least 5 freebies.

SaaS Will Help Drive a Software Industry Transition to Subscription Licensing

Gee, ya think?

I find it hard to believe that anyone actually pays to buy these “top 10” reports that the analysts put out. Sure they are mildly interesting, but can anyone say they are terribly revealing? Plus, nobody ever goes back and actually scores the analysts on how well they do on predictions over time, at least nothing I have seen has ranked them. If you know of site that ranks analysts, please let me know.

No, I think what happens with these reports is that IDC et. al. sends them out to their clients who then end up emailing them to everyone, who then turns around and uses the predictions in their powerpoint presentations as validation for what their company is doing. Pretty soon, the phrase “IDC predicts blah blah blah” becomes widespread and IDC has accomplished a primary goal, getting their name in print…

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