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I am constantly surprised by how much traffic I get from search engines. The linked post and attached ppt has some great tips for maximizing placement of blogs/feeds in the major search engines. Must read for bloggers.

Search Engine Journal » Search Engine Optimization for Blog and RSS Feeds Stephan Spencer has made available (it’s a .ppt file) his excellent Search Engine Strategies presentation, Blog and RSS Feed Search SEO. The session was also blogged live over at Search Engine Roundtable; here’s one of my favorite snippets:

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Leadership in World of Warcraft

As much as I love games I have never really been able to get my head around World of Warcraft, but after reading Joi's post on it I think I get it now. What I have always found interesting about multiplayer online games is how they end up being social laboratories where real life human behaviors are explained and advanced. 

Joi Ito's Web: Leadership in World of Warcraft The structure and the organization required to complete missions or quests in WoW adds a great deal of focus and complexity to the community compared to a chat room and the communications and management begins to feel much more like collaboration in a work environment.

Labor reform in France lurches forward

As if we needed another example to demonstrate how difficult it is to reform the labor market in Europe. I never would have expected myself to be in agreement with lifelong-beaurocrate-never-been-actually-elected-to-public-office de Villepin, but in this case I must because the measure that he was promoting is the right cure for the disease that France's labor market suffers from. As an employer why would you take the risk of hiring someone young and inexperienced if you knew that you couldn't terminate them if it didn't work out? But it is clear now that France's youth values the guaranteed security that comes with a job more than a job itself. 

Telegraph | News | De Villepin fights for his political life The students were calling on Mr de Villepin to drop his First Employment Contract (CPE) – a youth job scheme aimed at cutting France's woeful youth unemployment rate by making it easier to hire and fire young recruits in their first two years in a company. They argue that the scheme – a personal initiative of the prime minister – simply increases job insecurity.

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