RSS feeds in Peoplesoft apps

This (link via Moonwatcher) is very cool and very sensible, too bad it's just a prototype. The obvious reason why more enterprise software applications have not embraced RSS is that the average enterprise software user probably doesn't use RSS, however, since when is it acceptable to sit back and wait for customers to discover technology before vendors develop features to take advantage of it? Lead the market, not follow.

Just off the top of my head I can think of a great array of use scenarios where RSS could significantly improve an application:

  • event triggers
  • benefits information in HR
  • inventory availability/safety levels
  • advance ship notifications
  • receipt confirmations
  • master data update notifications
  • reporting (all kinds)
  • product/customer support notifications
  • lead management (SFA)

And that list is just 45 seconds of brainstorming, imagine what people who really know the products could come up with. I really think there is an opportunity for 3rd party ISV's to come in and establish RSS infrastructures and application integration today, irrespective of anything that the major app vendors will provide. If I were leading one of those companies (e.g. Simplefeed) I would look at opportunities to leverage cross functional apps using RSS as a semantic data integration tool, even if only through a reporting tool. I would also looking at opportunities to leverage RSS in supply chain applications. 


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5 thoughts on RSS feeds in Peoplesoft apps

  1. I am senior manager of ebusiness for a top 5 financial institution. For the last year (or so) I have been challenging out intranet team to use RSS for everything. Take up, (by the developers…not users) has been extremely slow. They just don’t want to change what they know.

    Additionally, I have been pushing our online banking team to figure out how to utilize RSS for our clients internet banking. Again, get a million reasons not too (security, no one gets it, etc.) but very few people who are interested in trying to make it work.

    It has been unbelievably painful to make them see the light an change their ways.

  2. I’ve had RSS feeds built into my help desk app since day one and it’s been a huge success. I’ve found that lots of business folks want the capabilities that RSS provides even though they don’t know what RSS is. By having the feed and the little icon it spurs them on to figure it out and once they do they love it.

  3. Another reason why RSS hasn’t taken off in very large organizations is no doubt because they have to buy and implement another application to actually use it. When IE7 rolls out of beta and begins the upgrade cycle I am quite sure we will see a good bump in RSS adoption.

    On the security issue, I can see that as a big area of concern, and all the more reason for financial institutions to band together and promote security mechanisms for RSS.

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