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My only complaint about WordPress is that the default editor really really sucks. Fortunately the plugin architecture makes it possible to replace the editor with one of many options. I have started to use a wysiwyg editor I downloaded from Mudbomb and what a difference it makes. In addition to the improved editing interface, the plugin also enables posting via e-mail, which can be pretty handy when you are unable to access the web for whatever reason or on a blackberry. 

Another plugin I am using is Ultimate Tag Warrior, it enables a simple text entry box on the editor where I can tag my posts, I have it setup for Technorati tags but there are many options.

Update: fixed the link.

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3 thoughts on WordPress Plugins

  1. If you’re prepared to pay – ecto is shit hot. If not Qumana is ‘ok’ but watch for the pesky promo stuff. ecto manages technorati tags for you + category + other tags

  2. I tried Ecto a while back and didn’t feel that comfortable in it. Plus, I’m kinda down on “installing software” these days, would prefer to have something integrated with my wordpress management console. Oh yeah, I use a Mac and Windows now so with Ecto I think I would have have to buy it twice.

    The wordpress editing environment is pretty darn good for me with the plugins I have installed. The only thing that I think needs attention is a better way to handle file uploads and images from within the editor.

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