WordPress Plugins

My only complaint about WordPress is that the default editor really really sucks. Fortunately the plugin architecture makes it possible to replace the editor with one of many options. I have started to use a wysiwyg editor I downloaded from Mudbomb and what a difference it makes. In addition to the improved editing interface, the plugin also enables posting via e-mail, which can be pretty handy when you are unable to access the web for whatever reason or on a blackberry. 

Another plugin I am using is Ultimate Tag Warrior, it enables a simple text entry box on the editor where I can tag my posts, I have it setup for Technorati tags but there are many options.

Update: fixed the link.

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VC Speak – Term Sheets 2.0 – Price

A while back Brad and Jason wrapped up their series on term sheets and it’s become an essential reference for VC’s and entrepreurs alike (you would think VC’s would know term sheets inside-and-out, but believe me you would be surprised). The thing about the term sheet series that didn’t occur to me until pointed out today is that it very much was written from a VC perspective, leaving the entrepreneur’s perspective largely uncovered.

Enter Steve Fisher and VC Speak, he started a new series of posts taking the Term Sheet Series and rewriting it from an entreprenuer’s perspective.

As you grow the business with the leverage of VC funds, your stake in it reduces in size and the price of your stake becomes more and more important. The VC cares about economics and control and more importantly, so do you. Since the more you go down the private equity river, the less a less control you will have so you need to focus on the economics of the deal to you come out ahead.

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The Google PPTs

Google accidentally released a bunch of financial information in the forms of notes attached to a Powerpoint presentation (doyathink they are going to complain that Microsoft is reckless about privacy issues?). Paul posted them in his box.net space (which is the first time I have seen this actually being used – cool).

What the hell is going on at Google? Their CFO comes out and makes comments about sustaining growth, Schmidt comes out a few days later and basically disagrees with everything his CFO just said, their stock has come 100 points off their high, their new services (Google Video) kind of suck, and then there is the reliability issue that seems to be affecting their services. I would not be surprised to learn that there have been some intense discussions in the board room and the executives suites about tightening up the ship, but the problem is that this company more than any other has made itself in the image of not having any rules so I’m not sure that the culture of the company can internalize the notion that the problems they are looking at right now are much their own doing. Of course, when you have seen 20% of your market cap evaporate in 3 months you tend to get some focus and intensity.

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10 megapixel camera phone

Samsung has a 10 megapixel cameraphone… that’s just one-upsmanship at it’s extreme. What the hell are you going to do with 10 megapixel images shot through a crappy CCD, and how large are those files going to be. Too bad it’ll only be available in Korea, I’d get one.

This reminds me of the Gillette guy famously proclaiming they were going to 5 blades even if they had to stick one in there perpendicular.

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A Calculated Life – New York Times

Alan Greenspan is going to write his memoir, for a cool $8.5m advance from the publisher. Rick Moranis speculates on what it may look like given Greenspan’s propensity for the world of rather dry academic precision in his writings.

A Calculated Life – New York Times

IT was the best of times but it might also have quite possibly led to the worst of times.

One thing was for sure: it was a beautiful day. It felt like, oh, around 63 or 64 degrees Fahrenheit. I estimated, assessing the precise time of day, the mean annualized temperature, all available barometrics (which were hovering at about 30.2 and appeared to be falling), and the constantly changing, though only partial, cloud cover which seemingly would have to have been caused by prevailing winds, that it might get up to 65 degrees by midday. But that didn’t stop me from wearing an undershirt.

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