Tagging Mail

This is an interesting adaptation of tag technology, but I’m still not getting how it’s different than using categories or flags.

MailTags lets you assign keywords to individual messages. The great thing about keywords, as opposed to simply moving messages to folders, is that you can assign multiple keywords to a given message. For example, if Christopher Breen sends me an e-mail about an iPod product, I can assign the keywords Macworld, Playlist, and iPod to the message. The message would then appear in Smart Mailboxes (or specific searches) that include any of these search terms, even if the actual e-mail message doesn’t contain any of these words. (In effect, it’s as if I moved this single message into three mail folders.)

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P2P lending

I collect woodworking tools (and know a few things about using them) and like most collectors of things I subscribe to a number of forums that represent “enthusiast communities”. Before I get to that I want to give you a little background on vintage woodworking tools. Sandpaper is a relatively new invention, I believe it was invented in the 1930’s, wood that was milled and smoothed before that was likely done with a cutting tool like a hand plane, spokeshave, chisel, or scraper.

In the 19h century there was a vibrant tool making community of literally thousands of companies across America and Europe and that existed largely up until the turn of the century when the mechanization of so many trades relegated hand tools to shop shelves and worse, the trash pile.

There has always been an interest in vintage handtools and an appreciation of the skill required to produce them. You can buy vintage tools at auctions or Ebay, everything from tired Bedrock planes and Stanley 750 chisels that probably were found in a garage after decades of sitting around to rare specialty tools that have not been made in decades (think about all the trim in those beautiful Victorian homes in SF… all made by hand at one time). They fetch good money, as an example, some of the mass produced Bailey and Bedrock hand planes from the pre-WWII era that can still be found at garage sales for a few dollars can command up to $1,000 and more, depending on the rarity, from a collector. It’s not uncommon to see rare tools, like coachmakers plough planes, sell at auction for tens of thousands of dollars.

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Remember Long Term Capital?

The term “reality distortion field” really does apply to Google, they can convince you of anything but once they leave the room the enthusiasm for it wears off. The parallels to LTCM that Ed raises are sobering.

Even when LTC was about to crater, he remembers going to their offices, being sequestered into an off-campus conference room, and not being able to get any information out of them to even help bail them out. In addition, people would show up and leave during the meeting, take notes, and not even introduce themselves. Well, it turns out that his meetings with Google over the last year were pretty similar.

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Darth Ellison vs. SAP Jedi

Check out this video on YouTube. Who says the Germans don’t have a sense of humor, this is awesome. The best part is at the end when the building receptionist makes Darth Ellison fill out a visitor’s permit. BTW, this video is shot at our Walldorf campus. YouTube is a great way to do grassroots marketings like this, I wish I had thought of it (actually, I did but I didn’t do anything about it).

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Will Price: Innovation Happens Elsewhere

I spoke at an SAP offsite meeting today about web 2.0, community development, innovation and speed. I wish I had read this first. While there may be very innovative things that are going on today inside SAP, I made the point that we are not in the innovation business, we are in the commercialization business. It doesn’t matter how cool the thingamy is that you just created, what does matter is getting it into the hands of people who can use it for some productive purpose. I was excited to hear so much of the discussion about how we compress product cycles, roll out incremental updates that are non-disruptive, and capture collective external innovation just as critically as internal.

As such, businesses need to be architected to leverage the innovation of others. Certainly the multiple benefits – cost, innovation, wealth – standards and open-systems have made possible speak to the value of building businesses that are premised on the axiom of distributed innovation.

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Streaming video on a Mac?

Can anyone tell me how to view WMV files on my Mac? The Flip4Mac plugin for Quicktime won’t install on Intel Macs. I’ve been looking for a utility to convert WMV to MOV but not having much luck. I’m not the only one that is dismayed by the lack of support for WMV.

The Internet is getting less and less friendly to Mac users who want to watch live streaming video. It’s something that’s been bugging me more over the past year, but I’ve kind of learned to accept it at this point, simply being grateful that Flip4Mac was able to handle some newer Windows Media files and that YouTube and Google Video are in a platform-agnostic flash-based video format.

Google deletes Official Google Blog and someone else claims the address

ooooh, that’s kind of embarrassing. Maybe this will inspire them to make much needed improvements in blogger.

Update: We’ve determined the cause of tonight’s outage. The blog was mistakenly deleted by us (d’oh!) which allowed the blog address to be temporarily claimed by another user. This was not a hack, and nobody guessed our password. Our bad.

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