Ross fact checks Carr fact checking Wikipedia

Third he claims that the media took a narrow survey and implied broad
implications for quality with high-level coverage.  This is somewhat
true, and, well, what mainstream media does.  And what Carr did with
his first claim.  But the articles did link to the actual study.

Ross is fact checking Carr who is fact checking Wikipedia in what appears to be a drawn out mission to discredit it as a reference source. Okay Nick, we get it… you don’t like Wikipedia, think it’s flawed. Got it, move along.

Two things bothered me about the Carr post, first it would have been better in the discussion pages that are attached to every Wikipedia entry, and secondly, he didn’t provide any links to the source material he is quoting.

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Master of the 3 ring circus

“Jobs then segued into how 40 percent of all autos sold in the US
included integrated iPod support as an option,”

I’d like to see the fact base on that claim… perhaps he means “4 out of 10” automobile manufacturers have ipod support as an option on some models.

The new Mac Minis are nice, but it’s a shame that the price had to increase by 50%… hopefully you get a keyboard for $600.

UPDATE: Dave pointed out that the price increase was not 50%, my apology for the error.

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Google and the DOJ

It’s interesting that Google has the support of the ACLU in their recent dispute with the DOJ about the subpeona for keywords and search results. I found this statement from the ACLU to be rather ironic:

“It’s never been a principle of law that people can read your e-mail as long as they don’t know who you are,” Jim Dempsey, CDT’s policy director, told

I guess the ACLU doesn’t use Gmail.

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