The Free Press

This is not technology related at all, but I did think back to the Google China episode a few weeks back when I read this op-ed in the Post today. What irritated me then was watching Google resist subpeonas from the DOJ for non-private information (keywords and URL’s) on pornography one week, and not even a full week later saying that censoring speech in order to do business in China was okay by them.

As I have witnessed the Cartoon Jihad unfold across the globe I am reminded of the same level of hypocrisy in the major media outlets. In the same week the Mohammed cartoons blows up, Rolling Stone is running a cover with some rap star dressed up like Jesus at the Cruxification. How is it that the media holds itself to a high standard of sensitivity to Islam but not to Christianity?

Of course it’s really not about Christianity vs. Islam at all, but something more profound and it’s rooted in a pandering to one part of the world while expecting something more from another… not at all unlike Google acting as an agent of the Chinese government while at the same time being indifferent to the U.S. government.

While we may disagree among ourselves about whether and when the public
interest justifies the disclosure of classified wartime information,
our general agreement and understanding of the First Amendment and a
free press is informed by the fact — not opinion but fact — that
without broad freedom, without responsibility for the right to know
carried out by courageous writers, editors, political cartoonists and
publishers, our democracy would be weaker, if not nonexistent. There
should be no group or mob veto of a story that is in the public

Larry Barbetta leaving Siebel, ‘er I mean Oracle

Larry Barbetta was unable to come to terms with Oracle on a new contract and has left the company. Larry, as many of you know, was running Siebel’s analytics group and was slotted to run the combined Oracle business unit for analytics. Chuck Phillips will make the internal announcement today about Larry leaving, if not already.

Don’t let the door…

Got an email today, the opening line says it all:

We have recently prepared a research report covering the window and door industry.

hmmm let’s see, technology investments or the window and door industry… not just the window industry either, doors too.

I find it stunning that in this day and age companies can’t do targeted segmentation for their marketing programs beyond the group “everyone”. You would think that someone at this research firm could, you know, do a little research and figure out that SAP Ventures is a technology investor, like most VC’s, and not likely interested in consolidation in the window and door industry. Marketing people have been talking about one-to-one marketing for at least a decade, maybe it really is a myth.

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Buying Open Source Companies

This is a week old but I wanted to link to it anyways because it’s a very interesting  analysis.

So JBoss triggered a phenomenon that they can’t seem to profit from. What to do? Well, one strategy might be to rely on the greater fool theory:
get someone to buy you before anyone’s the wiser that there isn’t a
business here. So far, BEA, Novell, HP, IBM and Oracle seem unwilling
to play that role. Doing this professional open source stuff is harder
than it initially looks!

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007 Conflict Brewing

Holy crap, Roger Moore is 78 YEARS OLD! That must mean Connery is like 187. BTW, I dislike all the Bond movies featuring Moore, they were too over-to-top with the gadgets and Moore comes across as a dork. Moonraker was a real laugher, but Octopussy wasn’t that bad. I also liked the early Bond films when the opposition was S.P.E.C.T.R.E., as opposed simply the Soviets, and the Bond girls were always better in the Connery films as well. Don’t have an opinion on the newest Bond, but if it were me writing the story I’d do what they did with Batman in the newest movie and make him a little dark and flawed. They gotta go back to the roots with Bond, enough with the political correctness and the flashy gadgetry. Favorite Bond movie of all would have to be Thunderball.

Ziff Davis sucks

Everyday I get at least 5 or 6 “web buyer guides” from Ziff Davis in my inbox. I have never (ever) read one of them and it pisses me off because I get so much crap. So I did what any rational person would do, I scrolled to the bottom of the email and clicked on the “unsubscribe” link (which is another mystery because I never in a million years would actually subscribe to get any offers of any kind from anyone.)

You have been successfully removed from the Web Buyer’s Guide White Paper Update newsletter. This change will be reflected in the next 48 hours.

So first of all, why do they need 48 hours to update the change? Shouldn’t it be like 48 seconds at most? BTW, I’ve done this every day for a week so the 48 hours bit is pure bullshit, they just don’t unsubscribe you period.

The odd thing is that you can then go into their “subscribers center” where you think you are unsubscribing to their newsletters but the minute you put your email in and update you get subscribed to a bunch of other newsletters. You only discover this by going back into the subscriber center. Sneaky bastards.

I have another solution for unsubscribing, I just added and to my spam filter.