Need a new mobile phone

I like my RAZR’s small profile and reliability but I don’t like the camera, the keyboard, the software, or the lack of e-mail (for sending pics to flickr, but that’s really a t-mobile problem that I can overcome by buying an unlocked handset).

The yet-to-be-released Sony Ericsson W950 looks like a real winner. I have heard many good things about Nokia’s N90, even though my experience with Nokia handsets is almost universally poor.

The inclusion of UMTS is a plus but in the U.S. there are precious few opportunities to take advantage of it. Paul was here from Germany a couple of weeks ago with a new RAZR v3 that is UMTS and he wasn’t getting any 3G love here in Palo Alto. BTW, the RAZR V3 has a stunning display, but damn the thing is big.

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3 thoughts on Need a new mobile phone

  1. Highly recommend the Sony W800.

    + Great camera (2Mega with good image quality)
    + Responsive OS (much better than previous Sony-Ericssons)
    + Support for Shozu J2ME client (easy photo upload to Flickr)
    + Considerably smaller / lighter than the N90

    You could wait for the W950, but the only real benefit is UMTS support, which will be pretty spotty for the next year anyway.

  2. I am leaning to the SE W800… I have always had good experiences with SE handsets and their camera CCD’s really are better than competing cameras. My old s700 1.3 megapixel camera took pics that look as good as a moderately priced digital camera, even when printed.

    The only complaint I have about SE is that their software was pretty sluggish, but I remember that there were some hacks to improve that on the s700 so maybe that’s been worked out.

    I may consider buying into UMTS if cingular expands their coverage outside of SF, will look into that before buying (I use t-mobile but in California they run on Cingular’s network).

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