Bode Miller doesn’t deserve a medal

“Sport was born clean and would remain so if it
was about just competing for the fun of it, but the media and the
public corrupt it because of the pressure they create,” the outspoken
Miller told the Gazzetta dello Sport.

Bode Miller is a fucking cry baby. You don’t hear Tiger Woods complaining about the pressures to win, but that’s the difference between the two athletes, Tiger thrives on it and delivers while Miller chokes and blames everyone but himself. Miller should go back to being a nobody, go back to Telluride or wherever and ski by himself in between his shifts operating the lift or driving the sno-cat.

UPDATE: I deleted a bunch of comments from this post. The person who wrote them didn’t appear to have a grasp of the basic communication skills; it’s one thing to use profanity to ornament a comment but another thing altogether when profanity is the entirety of the comment. What rises to the level of irony is that the comments criticized me for “hiding online trashing an Olympian” and of course all of the comments were authored with a pseudonym. If anyone doesn’t like what I write about, they are free to just go away if they are incapable or unwilling to debate. If you are up for debate, go for it because I don’t shirk away from what I write and I always put my name on it.

UPDATE 2: Because spammers seem to really like this post I turned comments off.
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20 thoughts on Bode Miller doesn’t deserve a medal

  1. U are an ass. Look into the motivation behinid what Bode expresses. Be the real man. Realize Bode isn’t an ass. He is a man full of emotion. He understands what he has served to him on a silver platter. He isn’t too obtuse to see it, to own it, to control it.

    Must be a former VC thing.

  2. Vinnie,
    I think Bode Miller is too immature to realize that the Olympics are about individual and team achievement, equally applied. Miller is representing his country and to whine about the pressures the press puts on him not only smacks of being a prima donna but also detracts from the efforts of his teammates, who are collectively the most talented team the U.S. has ever sent to the Olympics.

    It’s his right to act like an ass, just like it is my right to be critical of him.

    CG, I have no idea what you are saying. Really.

  3. Jeff, I was actually admiring your frankness…..

    CG – I disagree on former VC thing. I wish more of them were like Jeff – more entrepreneurs would know where they stood. Of course, I would personally hate to get chewed out this way!

  4. Fucking cry baby. You delete the comments because you’re a sad little insecure bumble twat. Then you have the fucking nerve to lay in to Bode Miller, like he’s the one generating the fucking press feeding frenzy. 60 minutes went to him. He says what he thinks. YOU don’t like it, tough fucking titty. Everyone’s so fucking scared of saying the wrong thing for fear of losing their endorsement rides, and along comes someone who says what he and you fucking dumbcunts can’t recognize it for what it is. What’s to debate. You’re a fucking moron. And deleting the comments just proves the point. Sad motherfucker. ‘Debate.’ What a fucking self-aggrandizing turd. Eat shit pogue.

  5. Curious to know what a “pogue” is? The only pogue I know is David Pogue who covers tech for the NYTimes. I looked up the term on wikipedia and there was no page. Is this one of those made-up words that kids use in an attempt to sound cool to obscure the insecurities they have?

    Regarding Miller, it appears that you again miss the point, not surprising I know but you should double down and work on it because the high school equivalency exams are emphasizing reading and comprehension now (I doubt you are “college material” so we won’t bother with the SAT’s). This time next week Miller will be saying he was misquoted or his words were taken out of context, just like he did with the 60 Minutes interview and more recently with his slanders against Bonds and Armstrong.

    You hold Miller in esteem for “saying what he thinks” and not being beholdon to corporate sponsorship interests. Do you really think he’s the first athlete to portray himself as a rebel who didn’t care? Christ, Terje Haakonsen didn’t even bother going to the first Olympics that featured snowboarding as an event beause he felt the sport had sold out, it’s one thing to go to the Olympics, lose and blame everyone else for your failing, it’s another thing altogether to say “screw it, I’m not even going in the first place.” If you want to compare the relative size of the balls on these two athletes, Terje is walking around with a couple of watermellons in his sack.

    After the 60 Minutes interview Miller had this to say in his apology:
    “And because of the way I made those comments in the ’60 Minutes’ interview it caused a lot of confusion and pain for all those people and obviously that’s nothing I want to do so firstly I’d like to apologize to them.”

    So what is it, did Miller “say what he thinks” or did he cave in when his sponsor tap got turned off? More the latter I would opine.

    Now get back to class, you probably have homeroom or something.

  6. After today you’ve got to be celebrating! You were right, Bode IS a loser. Because, – real basic here – winners win and losers lose. Full disclosure here. I made a film about Bode (Flying Downhill), spent a shitload of time with him, invested a greater shitload of funds, and stand to benefit if he is a winner. Yet the story I’ve told is the same. He DID win in 2005, 2003, 2002, the focus of our film. AND he lost. Alot. Regularly. To the point where many coaches wondered if he could win, or if he even wanted to win. Maybe he just wanted to go fast. That’s at the center of our film. What does this guy want to do? And why? Is he, in truth a winner or a loser? Which is to say what is his character? If we are to believe the major accounts from Sestriere, it is not good. Because so far, Bode has been a loser.

    I can’t blame you for being, what sounds to me like pissed off. “Win motherfucker, win! You’re on the cover of the fucking magazines pretending to be a big fucking deal, so win, motherfucker!” I hear your complaint about the complaints and retractions and the contradictions of complaints about the awful pressures at the same time as he signs a 7-figure deal that throws him out to the world. (Nike, by the way, watched our movie a number of times, then reshot it with Bode in appropriate Nike spandex as opposoed to the ratty sweats in my scenes) so that Bode could deliver his “MESSAGE” directly to the people. So I’ve seen the cotradictions, lived them close-up.

    And if you want the truth that I’ve seen is that Bode has true and real character. Not always admirable. Always human, sometimes self centered, but he is ttrying hard to perform well. If he ends up posting a result in his next two races then people won’t call him a loser. If he doesn’t he will be the greatest loser of these Olympics by virtue of the opportunities he created for himself – every alpine racing event.

    Tiger went through quite a time when he was not winning, certianly not dominating. And he didn’t look happy to me at that time.

    I’m still rooting for Bode. Rooting that he can do more than ski faster than anybody else for half the course only to bite it around one gate. If he deos that – puts his speed down for the whole course – you will know what I’m talking about. If he doesn’t then you can have your day, call him the loser that he might be because losers lose.

    Four and a half years ago I was in Apsen, Colorado for one of Bode’s first races after recovering from a knee injury. Bode blew out of that race, a slalom. He was five gates form the end, winning at the time, and he just blew it, lost his balance. The next morning I heard a member of the US Ski Team administration talking angrily and loudly how Bode was a nobody that should go back to – where was it – Telluride, you said (which is by the way about 1,800 miles from Bode’s home). This guy said Bode was a loser, a nobody, and should just go home. This guy was wrong. Bode wasn’t “a nobody” any more than you or I are. And the next day Bode came in second place. And then came Salt Lake City and Bode’s second place finishes were a kind of victory, certainly not the actions of a loser.

    But it’s results we are looking for. Results today. And today’s Super G results were not good. Bode was the fastest guy in the world for a little less than half the course. So you can call him what you want. He certainly lost today. But character is formed in what we do with our wins AND our losses. I wish Bode the something extra that separates winners from losers, a lille bit of what Kjetel Aamodt had today.

    Hopefully Bode won’t way something that’ll give you more fuel, but if he does remember that he’s trying to do something big and he risks being a winner and loser at each and every turn.

  7. Bill,
    “Wow” is all I can say, thanks for your response.

    Before I say anything else, I really do want Bode to win because first and foremost I want the U.S. team to win. I want Bode to kick ass and show that Americans deserve gold not because we have the biggest mouths but because we put out on the course big and harder than any other team on the planet.

    Couple of points, I used Tiger Woods as an example for a specific reason, he is the best of his generation, possibly the best in history, but he doesn’t talk his game, he goes out and delivers year after year. He did go through a slump, but he didn’t blame the media for it or the public, he put it on himself and went back to the drawing board to remake his game (which is pretty extraordinary in itself to think about when you consider the level that he was playing at). Tiger doesn’t complain, if he loses or misses in the clutch you never hear him put it on anyone else. That is why I used him as a study in contrast.

    I’m also getting a little tired of hearing the “Bode is anti-corporate” schtick when, as you point out, he’s doing 7 figure deals with the biggest corporate names in the sport, and then when the heat comes down from US Ski and his sponsors he is backing off his “real no bullshit talk” pretty quick.

    I am rooting for Bode, win motherfucker win is right because he’s skiing the the USA in the greatest competitive event in the world. Instead of complaining about the pressure he should be grateful for the place in history that he has earned, now it’s his responsibility to deliver for his country.

    PS- I know he’s from NH or Vermont (us west coasters consider that to be pretty much the same thing) but I used Telluride because it’s a cliche for being anti-corporate and slacker.

    PPS- Also, I kind of wish the Olympic skiiers could be a graceful in their PR as the snowboarders are. When you watch the boarders you can’t help but feel that they are simply stoked to be there, win-or-lose, even though you know they are every ounce the competitor that the skiiers are.

  8. I hear you and share your wish. It looks to me that Tiger has dedicated himself to the game. And it certainly looks like Bode has allowed himself to be driven from his game. I hope he can find his focus. No excuses.

  9. Isn’t the real issue that we put athletes on way too high of a pedestal? Bode Miller is an amazing skier, but why do we even listen when he opens his mouth?

    Celebrities have an incredible ability to be influential on society because we spend so much time analyzing what they say and do. However, there is zero correlation between celebrity status and knowledge of current events or social issues. If there is any correlation at all it is more likely to be a negative one in that the pampered lives that celebrities live dulls their ability to comprehend the meaning/impact of the issues they speak out about.

    I suggest watching the competition and disregarding the athletes’ comments. It’s so rare that they say anything that isn’t cliché that there is very little value in listening to what they have to say.

  10. I have no clue who Bode Miller as and is involves snow I care even less. But on the disconnect between sporting prowess and perceived lack of brain power just count yourselves lucky – us Brits have David Beckham. He’s deemed so thick his missus has to help him find his asshole first thing in the morning. But I’m being too kind. he is a moron. He plays for Real Madrid…nuff said.

  11. Dennis:
    to clarify, I’m not saying that celebs are dumb, rather that being a celeb has nothing to do with understanding or articulating intelligent POV regarding social/political issues.

  12. I think the point is not about whether Miller won or lost but the effort he put in and his attitude. I personally could care less if he won or lost and it’s interesting, this is the first olympics where I actually found myself rooting for people from different countries. I am glad Benjamin Raich kicked ass and won, what 3 golds?, in the skiing events. He is a quiet, humble individual and you can bet your ass he wasn’t partying the nights before races. Skiing is his passion, he gives it his all, and it showed.

    While I respect Bill’s post and opinion, I think it’s an oversimplification to state it as a “win, motherf’er, win “mentality that Bode is resisting. After this olympics, I think most people are saying “care Mother F’er, Care”. I was pretty amazed that Sasha Cohen fell twice and stuck it out to win silver. Not because she won something…,because she kept trying. People might argue that was a dissapointment this olympics, people could argue the same in past olympics of Michele Quan and Dan Jansen but if I’m a parent and my kid is looking for a role model-I can’t think of anyone better to serveas inspirations because they gave it everything they had.

    I wouldn’t go after Miller for losing but I would for his nonchalant attitude. He doesn’t seem to care. Unfortunately, the Olympics ARE a competition. If he doesn’t want to be involved in a competition, that’s fine, but stay home and protest. Don’t come and talk about how you could care less about winning and how the media and everyone else is to blame. He should not threaten people with quitting and say how skiing is keeping him from other life pursuits, he should actually quit and allow someone who is perhaps less talented, but more inspired to take his spot. Someone like Ted Liggety. You never know what they can do. In fact, using Miller’s own logic, I would argue that if he keeps a roster spot, simply because he is a better skier than an alternate with less talent but who might be more inspired to compete, than he is guilty of promoting ability over desire.

    He showed up out of shape…He was doubled over trying to get air most of the time on the occasions he was able to finish a race. So yes, that means he was trying-but it also means he was waaaay out of shape .
    That’s what bothers me. Not that he didn’t win but that he didn’t give himself and those he represents that oppurtunity and didn’t care. That’s all.

    As far as his Nike affiliation and those commercials are concerned, it is incredible for Miller to discuss kids, competition and inspiration when those same kids are tuning into 60 minutes, which he certainly didn’t have to appear in, to see their hero brag about skiing in competition while drunk. I mean what is this person thinking?

    The guy is a hypocrite, he needs to figure it out and understand he can’t have it both ways. Otherwise, I really hope we send someone without his talent to Vancouver in 2010.

  13. Miller still doesn’t seem to understand, or respect, that the Olympics are about individual achievement while being part of a team and representing something even bigger, one’s country. His comments today about being satisified with his performance are disgusting. He won’t be back for another Olympics would be my prediction, he just doesn’t want it like the other competitors do and the US Ski Team won’t have him in 4 years either, he’s tainted their entire effort. What a shame, like yourself I found myself rooting for the Austrians.

    Even though it won’t happen, I’d love to see Nike put a stop order on their check.

    BTW, “win motherf* win” was really just another way of saying “let your game do your talking, not your ass.”

  14. Note to Fucking Cry Baby. When you called him a Pogue, I’m assuming it’s from the gaelic phrase Pogue Mahone (where the band The Pogues get their name from). The full translation is kiss my hole, or, if you prefer, arse. Pogue means kiss. You truly are an utter fuckwit.

    Talking of which, wasn’t it great to see Bode’s results? Hypes himself to kingdom come, fucks up totally, then blames the press who he was utterly complicit with for his failure. Truly magnificent.

  15. and to think that were it not for blogs I would have never known this, or connected it to what some call the greatest UK band of the last 20 years (I may beg to differ on that claim, but I digress).

    While I’m on the subject of Gaelic, how close are Scottish and Irish Gaelic in pronunciation?

  16. I have just spent the last few minutes reading this blog. I am glad you all feel Bode Miller is a loser. As I await for 2010, I shalll love to watch all of you eat these words w/ his yellow snow to help you swallow. Bode Miller at this time is training, re-building his injuried knee & is planning on coming back as the under dog in the 2010 games. He is the USA Ski Team. Nobody here in California except me & a handful of real skiers that ski Mammoth all season & ski hard know who he is . He is “the calm before the storm” gentlemen. He is waiting…Waiting just beyond that distant horizon to bring with him God’s wrath & thunder of the great mountain winds to kick ass in the games. He is the biggest threat this world will ever see in 2010. He planned this entire Bode Bust perfectly. He threw the last race. Bode does not ski off a course or over some stupid gate a few seconds into a major race. He didn’t want to go down. He was done w/ the XX games at that point. He plans to win every single race & place the highest Alpine ski speed record ever in 2010. Bode Miller loves America & he will deliver that precious gold medal around your damn chicken necks when he is good & ready. Wait & watch. Greatness is just over the horizon. Bunnnee

  17. That’s too funny.

    Translated into Yoda speak I have:
    “with bring beyond god’s to wrath horizon him that just waiting distant mmmmmm. Training at this time Bode is mmmmmmm. Over a stupid course into some bode or not gate off few a seconds a major mmmmmm. Done with Games XX he was, go down no Bode mmmmmm. Race single win every, Alpine highest place, record speed 2010 ever mmmmmm. Love America Bode does mmmmmmmm”

    hehe, yeah… please post another comment soon, I needed a good laugh.

  18. You need a good laugh Jeff? Maybe you need a good lay instead.

    Think about what I said. Bode MIller is a great talent. Ya can’t deny it. I ski most of the shit he does. Of course not at his level. Hell, if I could ski as fast has he does, I’d be f**cking arrogant too. Why not? Millions of dollars for skiing my favorite sport? I would say yes to every dime. No one talks about his donations he’s made. He’s active w/ the boys & girls clubs around America. They get big chunks of his money for sports & other activites to keep the little brats off the streets & doing something positive. You do ski right? I mean, Anyone who makes a comment that pertains to Bode’s skiing damn well better ski. I am not talking about , “Yeah, I skied once.” I am talking what I do & my friends do most with our time living here in Mammoth, CA. If you live here & don’t ski, you are a pussy or 80 years old. Period.. Tell me how many people other than the people we call friends or family are “arrogant assholes in todays world?” I have major talent as a free style & aerial skier. Do I have a Gold medal? No. I ski because I love the sport. I love the danger of it at high altitudes. It’s a massive cum fest on gliding through that beautfiul deep powder. The deeper the better baby!. I wanted to be a math geek & become a cool scientist not a champion skier. Bode Miller wanted to be a Champion skier. HE IS THAT! I think Miller is cool. Not because he CAN be an arrogant ass. But because he is an American. Wouldn’t you be pissed off as hell if some bastard from another country came up & said..Hey Jeff, you can’t say that. We don’t say things like that in our country.” You would respond like I would. “I F**CKING live in the land of milk & honey. I live in freedom. I can stay what the f*ck I want because a lot of brave men & women died & gave me that right.” Then I’d kick that whoever’s ass out of my way, go get a drink & sing “101 bottles of beer on the wall as loud as I wanted too.” WHY? BECAUSE “FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS SUPER COOL !!” Bode can say what the hell he wants. He is an AMERICAN.. He’s ours Jeff. Like it or not, He belongs to us…If he wins Gold or any medal in 2010. I will be proud no matter how much of a ass you & everyone else thinks he is. If he doesn’t, he’ll most likey end up married to some hottie that looks like me (blonde, tall ,blue-eyes, typical American chick ) & have kids. His kids no doubt will be complete hoydens, wild & free types but they will be very proud of their Dad when they look back at his pictures on mags or watch his old races on DVD’s. That’s just his personality. Do I want him to ever insult America again? Hell no. I’m a girl but I have no problem tripping him off a slope if he does this shit again 2010. He gets a second chance. Everyone who is a real American, who learn’s from their idiot mistakes of youth should get another chance. Has hasn’t broken in laws. He hasn’t killed anyone, robbed or been in a street gang. He skis. That’s it. He is the badboy of skiing. He gets a second chance. The Olympics are GAMES. Nothing more, Nothing less. This is not going to war for God sake. He is only hurting just himself. Not me or you physically. Yea it sucks that we want to win but we can’t, not all the time & you get this. So does every one else on here. I am not meaning to be on the red/ white & blue band wagon here but God, he’s not John Wayne & just raped someone & tarnished America the beautiful forever. Lighten up!!! If Bode Miller wants to continue all this world-wide yapping then Bode Miller needs to look at political office space. I think everyones issue w/ Bode is not that he didn’t win a gold metal but the way he said he idin’t care about winning ine. If he doesn’t care about winning a GAME then if can still play. We need extra men on all sport teams to help block so the ego seeking can win for everyone. Bode just wanted to go to the XX games to part of the game. He didn’t care if HE won himself but he was very proud of the rest of the Americans who did win in their games. He said that on TV. I heard it. Does anyone get what I mean by this except me? Bunnee, “hopping away to her little hole to hide from the Bode hunters who might shoot & eat me for having a voice in America. ( Big smile)

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